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We’re hiring an Executive Director

Join Our Team as Executive Director at Northumberland United Way!

Are you ready to make a profound impact on our community and lead a dynamic team of changemakers? Northumberland United Way is looking for a visionary Executive Director who is passionate about the future and well-being of our community and the incredible individuals within it.

The Ideal Candidate:
As our Executive Director, you’ll be the driving force behind our mission. We’re seeking a leader who exudes confidence in their abilities yet understands the power of a collaborative team. Delegation is second nature, but you’re always there to provide guidance and step in when needed. You have a knack for identifying pivotal actions that are crucial to success and ensure they are executed flawlessly. In times of crisis, you remain a calm and quick decision-maker.

You excel in serving a widespread and diverse community, embracing the unique needs and perspectives of individuals from all walks of life to ensure our mission’s inclusivity and relevance.

You bring a deep understanding of financial management and business acumen to the table. Your ability to navigate budgets, analyze financial data, and make strategic business decisions will be key to our success.

Your Entrepreneurial Spirit:
Aware of the challenges in the Not-For-Profit sector, you’re a leader, and you’re an entrepreneur on the lookout for opportunities. You’ll be instrumental in securing funding and driving growth, helping us transform lives and create strong & healthy communities.

Superb Communicator:
You’re an impressive communicator. Whether it’s a one-on-one conversation, addressing our Board & funders or captivating an audience, your communication skills are outstanding, whether speaking from prepared text or extemporaneously.

In addition to your exceptional verbal communication skills, you excel in conveying ideas and information through the written word. Whether crafting compelling grant proposals, composing persuasive fundraising appeals, or producing clear and concise reports, your written communication is a powerful tool for advancing our mission and connecting with stakeholders, donors, and partners. Your ability to articulate our vision and impact in writing is essential in building and maintaining strong relationships within our community and beyond.

Partner Builder:
You’re a community builder. You understand the power of collaboration over competition. Building, nurturing, and leveraging community partnerships is your forte.

Exceptional Leader:
You go beyond managing – you lead with passion and purpose. You proactively support and foster accountability, diversity, equity and inclusivity throughout the organization and in external relationships, setting the standard for excellence.

Best-in-Class Fundraiser:
Fundraising is an art form for you! You know how to maximize revenue with government, donors, sponsors, and the public.

Exemplary Steward of Resources:
You understand the critical importance of stewardship in the nonprofit sector. You are dedicated to ensuring that every resource entrusted to Northumberland United Way is used effectively and responsibly. Your commitment to financial stewardship ensures that donor contributions are maximized for their intended impact, and you actively seek innovative ways to optimize our resources for the greater good of our community. You build trust with our supporters and partners by demonstrating unwavering integrity in all aspects of resource management. Your stewardship extends beyond finances; you also nurture relationships, recognizing that the trust and goodwill of our stakeholders are invaluable assets that must be nurtured and preserved for the long-term success of our mission.

You embrace change and innovation, seizing opportunities presented by social and technological advancements to drive our organization forward.

Your innovative thinking and strategic foresight drive our organization’s mission, inspiring positive change in the communities we serve.

Volunteer Champion:
You’re comfortable directing and motivating a diverse team, including volunteers, recognizing their incredible value.

Board Collaborator and Partnership Catalyst:
Your leadership extends to fostering strong relationships with our Board of Directors, recognizing their vital role in guiding our mission. You collaborate seamlessly, leveraging their expertise to drive impactful partnerships and innovative solutions. Your ability to unite the Board and external partners is instrumental in advancing our mission and creating lasting community change.

Ready to lead an organization that’s transforming lives and communities in Northumberland? Join us at Northumberland United Way and be the driving force behind positive change. Apply now to be a part of something truly extraordinary! 💪🤝 #NorthumberlandUnitedWay #ExecutiveDirectorOpportunity.

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